I’m Dennis Baptist.
A Belgian audiovisual artist.

Let me introduce myself

I’m Dennis, a motion & sound designer currently based in Kortrijk. During my multimedia studies at the Erasmus University College of Brussels, I discovered my interest for audiovisual art. I enjoyed experimenting with audiovisual synchronicity. After I graduated with a degree in Art & Technology I started working as a motion and sound designer. Beyond my work, I’m a independent music producer going by the name of Kitbogha. Recently, I released my debut EP called In Theory which I produced, mixed and mastered myself. You can listen to the EP on all music-streaming platforms.

Listen to my debut EP

Kitbogha · In Theory EP


Have you ever seen a horror movie with the sound off? I bet you didn't find it so scary anymore. Music adds emotions and depth to visual content. Without it, a horror movie becomes a comedy. That’s the power of sound. The visual aspect, on the other hand, is a guide. It tells you a story. The interaction between the two is so fascinating. In my work I consider the two media as a whole. If you’d like to see more of my creations, check out my Behance for more content.


Got a visual art or music job, or are you up for a collaboration? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Mobile: +32 474 13 77 99