I'm Dennis, an audiovisual creative, lecturer, VJ, motion & sound designer and collage artist and based in Brussels, Belgium.

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I'm Dennis, an audiovisual artist currently residing in Brussels, Belgium. Alongside my role as a part-time university college lecturer, I engage in freelance work in the audiovisual domain. At Erasmus University College, I am privileged to teach four distinctive courses, all centered around the realms of motion design and live visuals. My enthusiasm extends to paper collage works, a passion that distinctly influences my creations. Beyond the classroom, I dedicate my time to crafting dynamic visual experiences as a VJ and developing immersive audio-visual content.

Listen to my debut EP

Kitbogha · In Theory EP


I craft engaging audiovisual content, from 2D explainer videos to intricate sound design. Alongside, I bring dynamic live visuals to life at festivals and venues. Fueled by a deep passion for collage works, my love for mixed media is a defining element in my creations.


Analog Collage

Indium: A textured collage work in grunge style, layers intertwine in this monochromatic paper collage.


Digital & analog collage

Part of my Transhumanism series, this fusion of paper and digital collage showcases a signal emanating from a pyramid structure.


Analog Collage

This colorful paper analog collage was originally meant as a T-shirt print design.

The Happiness Hypothesis

Analog Collage

The Happiness Hypothesis: An early analog paper collage, vibrant hues of torn paper harmonize, evoking joy in abstraction.


Digital & analog collage

The Oracle: A captivating fusion of paper and digital elements in the Transhumanism series, unveiling enigmatic glimpses of tomorrow.


Digital & analog collage

Transmittor: A dynamic blend of paper and digital collage within the Transhumanism series, exploring connectivity and evolution through layered symbolism.


Analog collage

Receiver: A blend of paper and digital collage from the Transhumanism series, featuring a humanoid with a head-as-receiver motif, symbolizing the symbiosis of technology and humanity.


Digital & analog collage

Elohim presents a captivating vision of an enhanced humanoid seamlessly interwoven with electronics. In my Transhumanism collage series, I explore the convergence of flesh and circuitry.


Embarking on a visual art or music project, or considering a collaboration? Feel free to reach out!

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Mobile: +32 474 13 77 99